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AlphaServer DS15 rack system photoFor businesses and service providers looking for superior performance and reliability at a low price, the AlphaServer DS15 system demands your attention.

The system's switch-based architecture takes full advantage of the powerful 1 GHz Alpha processor, running your choice of the super-reliable Tru64 UNIX or OpenVMS operating systems with HP's renowned clustering capabilities.

You can choose from three rack cabinets and an internal or front-access storage cage. Put up to 13 systems in the largest cabinet, or add more storage with Storageworks shelves.


  • 1 GHz Alpha processor with 2 MB onboard cache
  • pedestal or rackmount (up to 13 systems in a 79-inch rack)
  • up to 4 GB of SDRAM memory up to 2 Gbytes/s system bandwidth (peak)
  • choice of storage:
    up to 218.4 GB SCSI (internal storage cage)
    up to 435.6 GB SCSI (front access storage cage)
  • 4 64-bit PCI slots
  • onboard dual 10/100 Base T Ethernet ports and
    Ultra 160 SCSI controller
  • Tru64 UNIX or OpenVMS

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