Cisco 805 Series Serial Router

The Cisco 805 Serial Router offers enhanced network security and reliability through the power of Cisco IOS® Software technology tailored for small offices.

Figure 1

The Cisco 805 Serial Router gives small offices enhanced security, superior reliability, and safe investment with low cost of ownership.

The Cisco 805 Serial Router extends the power of Cisco IOS Software technology to small offices. Cisco IOS Software offers enhanced security, reliability, and safe investment, combined with low cost of ownership, to enable customers to benefit from increased productivity, simplified communication, and reduced costs (Figure 1). The Cisco 805 Serial Router enables customers to benefit from value-added services such as managed network services, virtual private networks (VPNs), point-of-sale (POS) applications, and secure Internet access.

Benefits of Using Cisco 805 Serial Router

Taking advantage of its expertise and leadership in Internet solutions, Cisco Systems offers solutions for small-office routing solutions that provide secure and reliable access to the Internet or corporate networks.

Enhanced Security

The Cisco 805 Serial Router has enhanced security features such as an integrated stateful firewall and IP Security (IPSec) encryption to enable VPNs. These features allow small offices and telecommuters to conduct business over the Internet while protecting valuable resources.

Superior Reliability

Because the Cisco 805 Serial Router is based on the same proven Cisco IOS Software technology used throughout the Internet, small offices can depend on it just as enterprise customers take advantage of Cisco reliability. In addition, a Cisco 805 Serial Router provides Internet access to multiple users without being tied to a server or dedicated PC. This means if a server on the LAN crashes, other users remain connected to the Internet.

Safe Investment and Low Cost of Ownership

The Cisco 805 Serial Router offers memory options that can be upgraded in the field so the latest networking features can be added when necessary. With an advanced processor and memory architecture, they can support future applications as customer networking needs expand. Table 1 provides a summary of Cisco 805 Serial Router hardware features.

With Cisco IOS Software, customers using the Cisco 805 Serial Router can reduce operational costs for training, management, installation, and deployment.

Table 1  Summary of Cisco 805 Serial Router Hardware Features


One 10BASE-T (RJ-45)


Serial port compatible with EIA/TIA-232, EIA/TIA-449, EIA/TIA-530, EIA/TIA-530A, X.21, and V.35 standards (Both data terminal equipment [DTE] and data communications equipment [DCE])

Console port


LAN port

One Ethernet

Product Features


To take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities offered by communications and commerce over the Internet, companies need to secure private information. Cisco Secure Integrated Software provides many technologies to build a custom security solution. The elements of security services include perimeter security, identity, monitoring, privacy, firewalls, IPSec encryption, and VPNs.

Standard Security

Perimeter security refers to the control of traffic entry and exit between network boundaries, such as between private networks, intranets, extranets, or the Internet. Cisco IOS Software perimeter security technologies provide a highly flexible, superior solution with features such as:

Standard and extended access control lists (ACLs)

Lock and key (dynamic ACLs)

Router and route authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) protocols such as Password Authentication Protocol (PAP) or Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP), and MS-CHAP

Network Address Translation (NAT) (including multi-NAT)

Token card authentication with Cisco Secure authentication

NAT eliminates the need to re-address all hosts with existing private network addresses and hides internal addresses from public view. For businesses that want to allow selected access to the network, NAT can be configured to allow only certain types of data requests such as Web browsing, e-mail, or file transfers.

Enhanced Security

Dynamic firewall—Companies increasingly rely on internal networks and servers to access company data. To use the Internet as a key business tool, companies must connect their internal networks to the Internet, while keeping sensitive internal data secure. Company data can be protected against unauthorized access with stateful firewalls. The integrated Cisco IOS Firewall Feature Set is a stateful firewall that provides:

Stateful (dynamic) ACLs (application or context based)

Java blocking

Denial-of-service attack detection and prevention

Real-time alerts and audit trails

Dynamic firewalls provide these vital enhanced security features. The term firewall is used by many vendors, but not uniformly referred to as stateful firewalls. Firewalls that are not dynamic do not provide these enhanced security features.

Encryption and Tunneling

The Cisco 805 Serial Router provides IPSec encryption technology to enable small offices and telecommuters to deploy VPNs. IPSec encryption provides privacy, integrity, and authenticity for transmission of sensitive information over the Internet. The unique end-to-end Cisco offering allows customers to implement IPSec encryption transparently into the network without affecting individual PCs. The Cisco 805 Serial Router with IPSec encryption allows significant cost savings by using the Internet to create secure connections between small offices and teleworkers. As a component of the Cisco VPN solution, the Cisco 805 Serial Router supports:

IPSec tunneling with 128- or 56-bit Data Encryption Standard (DES or Triple DES [3DES])

Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)

Generic routing encapsulation (GRE)


The Cisco 805 Serial Router supports management by a wide range of platforms and applications. Cisco ConfigMaker (Microsoft) and CiscoView (UNIX) applications provide superior capabilities for configuration and security management, as well as performance and fault monitoring. The Cisco 805 Serial Router supports centralized administration and management using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Telnet, or local management through the router console port.

Safe Investment

Small offices with limited time, money, and staff need to know their technology investments are safe. Field-expandable DRAM and Flash memory allow small offices to take advantage of new Cisco IOS Software feature enhancements. And because the Cisco 805 Serial Router incorporates an advanced processor and memory architecture, it can support future applications as customer networking needs expand.

Companies using the Cisco 805 Serial Router can take advantage of Cisco industry-leading support options that help to ensure the router stays up and running. These support services include:

Cisco IOS Software updates in features such as protocol, security, and bandwidth

Full access to for technical assistance and product information

Twenty-four-hour access to the industry's largest dedicated technical support staff, with the first 90 days included at no charge

Installation and Configuration Tools

The Cisco 805 Serial Router also supports configuration with the Cisco ConfigMaker application. Cisco ConfigMaker is a software tool designed to configure a small network of Cisco routers, switches, hubs, and other network devices from a single PC using Windows 95, 98, 2000, or NT 4.0. It is designed for resellers and network administrators of small and medium-sized businesses that are proficient in LAN and WAN fundamentals and basic network design.

For additional setup ease, the Cisco 805 Serial Router has color-coded ports and cables to help users make proper connections. Quick Reference Guide documentation provides easy-to-follow installation instructions. Key features and benefits of the Cisco 805 Serial Router are defined in Table 2, and Table 3 lists Cisco 805 Serial Router hardware specifications.

Table 2  Cisco 805 Serial Router Key Features and Benefits 

Standard Security


Protects network from unauthorized access

Route and router authentication

Accepts routing table updates from only known routers, ensuring no corrupt information from unknown sources is received

Enhanced Security

Cisco IOS Firewall feature set

Offers internal users secure, per-application dynamic ACLs for all traffic across perimeters

Defends and protects router resources against denial-of-service attacks

Checks packet headers and drops suspicious packets

Protects against unidentified, malicious Java applets

Details transactions for reporting on a per-application, per-feature basis

IPSec encryption (DES and 3DES)

Ensures data integrity and authenticity of origin by using standards-based encryption

Provides security for all users on the LAN without configuring individual PCs

Superior Reliability

Cisco IOS Software technology

Proven technology that is used throughout the backbone of the Internet

Standalone router

Provides Internet access to multiple users without being tied to a server or dedicated PC; if one user on the LAN crashes, other users can still access the Internet


Cisco Configmaker, SNMP, Service Assurance (SA) Agent, TACAS+

Graphical user interface (GUI)-based windows configuration tools for novice users

Remote management and monitoring by way of SNMP or Telnet and local management through console port

Safe Investment

Field-expandable memory

Allows customers to add features as networking needs expand

Advanced processor and memory architecture

Ensures the platform can support processor-intensive applications

World-class support

Helps customers keep their Cisco 805 serial routers running all the time

Low Cost of Ownership

Lower operational costs

Allows customers to use existing knowledge of Cisco IOS Software for installation and manageability

Bandwidth Optimization

Quality of service (QoS) and Weighted Fair Queuing

Ensures consistent response times for multiple applications by allocating bandwidth intelligently

Gives the most important applications priority use of the WAN line

Choice of encapsulation (Point-to-Point Protocol [PPP], High-Level Data Link Control [HDLC], Frame Relay)

Ensures compatibility with existing network

"Snapshot" routing for IP and Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX)

Allows efficient use of available bandwidth

X.25 packet data

Permits data transfer over X.25 networks

Simplified Setup and Installation


Lets businesses conserve valuable IP addresses

Reduces time and costs by reducing IP address management

Cisco IOS Software Easy IP

Enables true mobility-client IP addresses are transparently configured via the Cisco IOS Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) server each time a client powers up

Color-coded ports and cables and Quick Start Reference Guide

Helps users make proper connections

Provides easy-to-follow installation instructions

Table 3  Cisco 805 Serial Router Hardware Specification 


10BASE-T Ethernet port

Provides connection to a 10BASE-T (10 Mbps) Ethernet network, compatible with a 10/100-Mbps device

Serial port

Provides connection to EIA/TIA-232, EIA/TIA-449, EIA/TIA-530, EIA/TIA-530A, X.21, and V.35 DTE or DCE

RJ-45 console port

Provides connection to terminal or PC for software configuration and for router troubleshooting

Flash memory

Router provides 4 MB of Flash memory1


Router provides 8 MB of DRAM1

Ease of installation

Color-coded ports and cables reduce the chance of error

Cisco IOS Software

Router supports a subset of Cisco IOS Software

Cable lock

Provides a way to physically secure router

Locking power connector

Locks power connector in place

Wall-mount feature

Brackets on router bottom provide a way to mount router on wall or vertical surface

1 An additional 4 or 8 MB of Flash memory and DRAM can be added at the factory or later. You can order upgrade kits and have qualified personnel add the memory. The Cisco product number for the 4-MB Flash memory upgrade kit is MEM805-4U8F, for the 8-MB Flash memory upgrade kit it is MEM805-4U12F, for the 4-MB DRAM upgrade kit it is MEM805-8U12D, and for the 8-MB DRAM upgrade kit it is MEM805-8U16D. (Because of the height of the actual DRAM component, you must order the additional DRAM from Cisco.)

Cisco IOS Software Feature Sets

Five Cisco IOS Software feature sets are available on the Cisco 805 Serial Router:






For detailed feature support and memory requirements by model, by Cisco IOS Software image, or by Cisco IOS Software version, consult the Cisco Feature Navigator at the following URL or consult your Cisco authorized representative:

Technical Specification


Design Specification

Physical Dimensions

Dimensions (H x W x D)

2.0 x 9.7 x 8.3 in. (5.1 x 24.6 x 21.1 cm)

Weight (does not include desktop power supply)

1.5 lb (0.66 kg)

Environmental Operating Ranges

Nonoperating temperature

-4 to 149°F (-20 to 65°C)

Nonoperating humidity

5 to 95%, relative humidity

Nonoperating altitude

0 to 15,000 ft (4570 m)

Operating temperature

32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)

Operating humidity

10 to 85%, relative humidity

Operating altitude

0 to 10,000 ft (3000m)


AC input voltage

100 to 240 VAC


50 to 60 Hz

Power consumption


Regulatory Approvals

Safety Standards

EMI Standards

PTT Standards

UL 1950

CFR 47, part 15, class B


CSA 22.2 No. 950

ICES, Issue 2, class B

TC 130

TUV-GS to EN 60950:1992 with Amendments A1 through A4

VCCI class 2


IEC 60950 with Amendments A1 through A4 and all country deviations

AZ/NRZ 3548 class B



EN 55022, IEC 1000-3-3


IEC 1000-4-2 level 4


AS/NZS 3260 with Amendments A1 through A4

IEC 1000-4-3 level 3


IEC 1000-4-4 level 3


EN 300 047

IEC 1000-4-5 level 3


EN 41003


IEEE 802.3


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