The Cisco® 2610XM-16TS Terminal Server Router Bundle provides customers with an easy-to-order solution that meets the needs of terminal server networking requirements today. Based on the award-winning Cisco 2600 Series modular multiservice router platform, this new terminal server router bundle offers numerous services to meet future business applications.


The Cisco 2600 Series Multiservice Platform is a modular multiservice access router that provides flexible LAN and WAN configurations, multiple security options, and a range of high-performance processors. With more than 80 network modules and interfaces, the modular architecture of the Cisco 2600 Series allows interfaces to be easily upgraded for network expansion.
The Cisco 2610XM-16TS is a Cisco 2600 Series bundle that allows customers to order-using one part number-a Cisco 2600 Series Router with all the necessary components needed to make a Cisco 2610XM Series Router into a terminal server at a reduced price compared to ordering each component separately.
By selecting the Cisco 2600 Series for their terminal server needs, customers protect their investments and gain flexibility. Traditional terminal servers are single-purpose, nonmodular, dedicated devices. The Cisco 2600 Series is different because it can adapt through the addition of over 80 modules as the network requirements change over time and provide the foundation for the deployment of more advanced technologies concurrently with your traditional equipment requirements.


The Cisco 2600 Series can be deployed to meet a variety of networking needs. Figure 1 and 2 below provide some applications that are ideal uses for the Cisco 2610XM-16TS bundle.
Cisco 2610XM-16TS router bundles are ideally suited for low-density modem dial-in applications at branch and remote offices as shown in Figure 1. With up to 16 asynchronous connections available for modems to be attached, the Cisco 2610XM-16TS is an alternative integrated modem solution. A multitude of WAN interfaces are available to allow customers to use high-speed T1/E1, xDSL, and other WAN connections to reach the Internet or leased-line private networks.

Figure 1

Low-Density Modem Concentration

For customers who need a method of monitoring real-time performance and status of network components, the Cisco 2600 Series can be deployed as shown in Figure 2 with asynchronous ports connected directly to the console or auxiliary ports of routers and other equipment in the network closet. This solution allows a network engineer to monitor and adjust equipment from a remote location, saving the customer the cost of sending people to-or stationing people near-all their network wiring closets.

Figure 2

Network Telemetry


The Cisco 2610XM-16TS is a Cisco 2600 Series bundle that enables customers to order-using one part number-a Cisco 2600 Router with all the necessary components needed to make a Cisco 2610XM Series Router into a terminal server at a reduced
price compared to ordering each component separately. Table 1 gives the features and benefits of the Cisco 2610XM-16TS
Router Bundle.

Table 1

Features and Benefits of Cisco 2610XM-16TS

Product Number

Amount Included




10/100 Ethernet router with Cisco IOS® Software IP Base



Cisco 2600 Series with IP Base



16-port asynchronous module



8 lead octal cables and 8 male DB-25 modem connectors

The Cisco 2610XM-16TS can be used solely as a terminal server, but it also provides many other advantages and can provide a foundation for migration to advanced or concurrent services. Table 2 provides an overview of some of these advantages.

Table 2

Cisco 2610XM-16TS Bundle Features and Benefits



Cisco 2600 Series

  • Proven reliable architecture-more than 2 million units sold in Cisco 2600 Series
  • More than 80 modules and interfaces to provide maximum flexibility and investment protection
  • Support for advanced quality-of-service (QoS) features such as the Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP), Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ), and IP Precedence to reduce recurring WAN costs
  • Support for cost-effective, software-based data compression and data encryption
  • Integration of traditional networks with data-link switching plus (DLSW+) and Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking (APPN)
  • High-speed routing performance of 20,000 packets per second (Cisco 2610XM) for maximum scalability to support more concurrent functions (Note: Cisco 2691 goes up to 70,000 packets per second)

Cisco IOS Software

  • Offers support for common Cisco IOS Software feature sets as used on the Cisco 2600 and Cisco 3700 routers
  • Provides new releases of Cisco IOS Software that add support for new services and applications
  • Helps enable end-to-end solution support for Cisco IOS Software-based QoS and security mechanisms
  • Offers full range of voice-over-IP (VoIP) and security and routing features

Flexible WAN interfaces

  • 2 slots for a choice of WAN interfaces helps enable primary and backup connections
  • Helps enable connections to a wide variety of WAN options, including serial, Basic Rate Interface (BRI), Primary Rate Interface (PRI), xDSL, dial, and many other options

16 asynchronous ports

  • Provides 16 EIA/TIA-232 (formerly known as RS-232) data terminal equipment (DTE) serial interfaces that operate at speeds of up to 134.4 kbps
  • Two 8-port CAB-OCTAL-KITs, each providing high-density connectors to 8 RJ-45s connectors (part number CAB-OCTAL-ASYNC), plus an additional 8 RJ-45 to DB-25 adapters to connect to a modem (part number CAB-25AS-MMOD) as needed.

Support for optional redundant power

  • Accommodates optional redundant power supply and minimizes network downtime
  • Redundant power supply can be shared with other network components such as the Cisco Catalyst® 2950 Series to protect the network from downtime due to power failures

Auxiliary and console ports

  • Backup asynchronous WAN interface
  • Local configuration interface


To place an order, visit the Cisco Ordering Home Page.

Table 1

Ordering Information

Product Number



Cisco 2610XM Terminal Server Bundle


Cisco Systems® offers a wide range of services programs to accelerate customer success. These innovative services programs are delivered through a unique combination of people, processes, tools, and partners, resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction. Cisco services help you to protect your network investment, optimize network operations, and prepare the network for new applications to extend network intelligence and the power of your business. For more information about Cisco Services, see Cisco Technical Support Services or Cisco Advanced Services.


For more information about the Cisco 2600 Series, visit:
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